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About Pilates and Alexander Technique


Pilates is a method of exercise designed to stretch, strengthen and balance the body.  Pilates strengthens all muscle groups, but particularly the deep "core" muscles which are crucial to both posture and overall health and wellbeing.

Pilates develops balance and control of the body and those abilities often spill over into other areas of life. 

Pilates movements are approached in a relaxed way but with control, breathing and aligning your body in its neutral (best) position.  With practice you will move with more grace, balance and experience a feeling of wellbeing.

Physiotherapists and other medical professionals including doctors now recommend Pilates as being one of the safest and most effective forms of exercise when it is practised correctly.  

What you learn in your Pilates session will impact your daily life, both in your posture and wellbeing also in prevention of injury and improvement in sports performance.

Alexander Technique

Frederick Matthias Alexander (1869 - 1955) was an actor and reciter who suffered from hoarseness and loss of voice during his performances.  After many years of experiments and observations he developed a technique which enabled him to alleviate his condition and later taught this technique to others who passed it on further.

The Alexander Technique undoes the damage of habits formed by modern-day life.  Compression of the spine, stiffness and tightness in muscles and joints, improper breathing and postural issues all result in too much effort in our activities, strain, pain and general discomfort. 

The Alexander Technique teaches us how to use our bodies in correct alignment, stability, balance, poise and ease.  

It relaxes excess tension, improves breathing and blood circulation, improves self-awareness and psycho-physical balance, stamina and relieves pain associated with ineffective use of the body.  

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