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Equipment Pilates

Joseph Pilates, the inventor of the Pilates method of exercising, developed various pieces of equipment which are used in the studio to both assist and challenge the body by providing support and resistance.  

Since Joseph created the method, other professionals have also worked further to enhance the original idea and to adapt it for different bodies and injuries.


I am qualified not only to the highest level of teaching Pilates but also to train teachers.  Many successful Pilates teachers in the UK have trained and qualified under my direction and supervision.



Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique is learned through one-to-one lessons.  It is a practical method of learning how to use our bodies safely and naturally to our full potential in any activity. 

In particular Frederick Alexander, the creator of the Technique, discovered that all our activities are dependent for their efficiency on a proper relationship between the head, neck and back and on the contrary, if this relationship is disturbed the whole system becomes disorganised. 

The Alexander Technique can also releases excess tension, realigns the body and improves breathing and circulation as well as improving self-awareness and psycho-physical balance, stamina, injury prevention and relief from pain associated with poor use of the body.

What Clients Are Saying

I believe the truly inspirational teachers are born rather than created.  It gave us great pleasure to give Johan his Body Control Pilates qualifications but we cannot take all the credit - Johan has a rare, natural gift. I cannot praise his teaching skills highly enough and I just wish I lived near enough to come to his classes and equipment studio sessions.  Don't miss the chance to learn from him!!

Lynne Robinson - Co-Founder of Body Control Pilates

Johan is a true expert in his field and genuinely desires people of all abilities and ages to benefit and develop from his teaching. 

He is very patient, client-focussed and professional, caring, calm and has a safe, inspiring approach, making it a delight to learn and practice with him.

We are extremely fortunate to have him on the Island!

Carole Biglands, Ramsey

Gillian C, Isle of Man

I have been doing Pilates since 2000, the first 2 years in a London studio where I had some fantastic instructors and became very much stronger.

In recent times however my back has been giving me increasing problems and I have tried various therapies to help with this.  I began having lessons with Johan once a week and I can honestly say that I have made very rapid progress since then.

Johan's knowledge, not just of Pilates but of the Alexander Technique and of how the body works, is most impressive and I have benefitted immensely from his teaching.

I would not hesitate to recommend him - he is undoubtedly the best Pilates instructor I have ever come across!

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